Winter Maintenance Tips for Your Building

Winter Maintenance Tips for Your Building

Weather can be challenging for maintenance and service teams responsible for the upkeep of commercial buildings and facilities.

From snow to cold temperatures, many of nature’s winter realities can create problems for commercial buildings. Here are some tips to help facility staff prepare for the changes that winter brings and ensure buildings are prepared.

Clean Entrances

During snowy weather, employees, customers, and others will track in ice and snow. Have absorbent rugs in place to pick up some of this, and ensure that regular cleaning of entrances occurs throughout the day. Wet floors pose a slip-and-fall hazard that is best avoided.

Inspect the Roof

Roofs take a beating in the winter. Flat roofs, common on many commercial buildings, need regular inspection and maintenance. Make sure the roofs do not have areas where ice or heavy snow will pile up. After the initial inspection, schedule weekly inspection for the entire season, looking for built-up water, ice, or snow that can create problems.

After inspecting the roof, make a plan for snow removal on that surface. While the sun may melt the snow on some days, a heavy snow can take time to melt. Failure to remove the snow can lead to water standing on the roof after it melts. Also, the weight of the snow can impact the roof’s structural integrity. Also, make sure that the drains remain clear all winter.

Prepare For Snow Removal

Is there a snow removal plan in place? Make sure that the employee or contractor who will tackle this knows exactly what is expected. Keep safety as the first priority to ensure that employees and customers are not at risk even when snow falls. Walkways, first and foremost, must be clear. Also, have a planned place to store excess snow that is removed.

Check Doors and Windows

Doors and windows provide an outlet for warm indoor air to escape and water to leak in. Holes and gaps also allow in insects and pests looking for a warm winter home. Use caulking or weather stripping to seal gaps between windows, doors and exterior walls.

Cold weather brings with it a number of unique challenges for those responsible for building and facility maintenance. Building owners should utilize their maintenance teams to accomplish these tasks where appropriate and hire professionals for tasks that require special skills.

Scheduling will help you to limit the possibilities of damages to your building and its systems. By following these steps and others you have implemented at your facility. For more information, please call us at (516) 400-3400