Superintendent Services for Residential Buildings

We are happy to announce that North Hills Office Services now offers Superintendent services for residential buildings in the New York Metropolitan Area.

What Our Superintendents Do

North Hills Supers provide full-service residential services which include:

  • Sanitation and Recyclable packaging
  • Daily Cleaning
  • Vendor Access
  • Vendor Oversight
  • Move-In / Move-Out Inspections
  • Package Organization and Delivery to Units
  • Inventory Control
  • Year-Round Maintenance
  • And More…

Dedicated Superintendents

We strive to only employ the highest quality supers who have years of experience, and an understanding of the HVAC, lighting systems, plumbing, etc… Our supers also replace light bulbs, flush boilers, and check roof drains. Our supers’ goal is to keep your tenants satisfied and to make sure your building remains a clean and welcoming environment.

Proactive Superintendents

Providing year-round maintenance can ensure a great value to your building. Supers are trained to inspect boilers and radiators to ensure they are reliable during storms and before seasonal changes.

Emergency Response 

When choosing North Hills, you have access to our 24/7 Emergency Restoration Team, which responds to Floods, Fires, Mold, and Disaster Relief Emergencies at any hour of the day.  We have deployed our Emergency Response team during hurricanes and major snowstorms, to provide immediate relief for our clients.


At North Hills, we pride ourselves on providing the most cost-effective service, which is accomplished by efficient and effective labor utilization. With our 50 years of service, we understand how to properly staff any building to provide the highest quality service with optimal staffing levels.

Contact us if you need superintendent services for your residential building. Call us at (516) 400-3400 or get a quote here.


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North Hills Office Services has one goal, to form a partnership with its clients and become part of their team in the area of janitorial and facility maintenance.

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