Residential Building Services

Residential Building Services

North Hills can find you a reliable, capable, and honest full or part-time superintendent and/or porter for the right budget.

Choosing North Hills provides you with our 24/7 emergency response team, management supervision, and the ability to find coverage when your super or porter is out sick or on vacation.

Building Superintendents – Our Supers take the time to know the systems of your building, such as the hot water and heat, lighting systems, elevator, fire systems, etc. Building Superintendents take pride in learning about the wants and needs of each tenant and will strive to provide them with the best experience while living in your building. Superintendents are also trained to replace blown light bulbs, lubricate locks, flush boilers, and check roof drains.  Supers also can act as a handyman and make small repairs throughout the building as well as help tenants put furniture together, install AC units, and paint, to name a few. Our Supers will monitor and supervise any vendors working in your building to ensure tenant safety. We understand the weather is unpredictable, so our supers are on call 24/7 and can respond to floods, fires, or any other emergency your building may have. Our Supers are supported by the backing of North Hills Office Services, which employs over 400 team members throughout the New York Metropolitan Area.

General Cleaning & Porter Services – We understand how a great living experience for residents begins with having a consistently clean building. To make your building more welcoming, cost-effective, and sustainable, North Hills takes pride in finding building porters to ensure your building is always sparkling. North Hills has created a cleaning system to ensure our cleaning is performed consistently and reliably without interruption of service. Not only will our porters keep all common areas clean but attend to the individual needs of your tenants. Our porters will also perform minor maintenance repairs and manage deliveries/packages for your residents.

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North Hills Office Services has one goal, to form a partnership with its clients and become part of their team in the area of janitorial and facility maintenance.

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Our qualified team of professionals provides a full range of building maintenance and janitorial services in the NY Metropolitan Area.

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