Emergency Cleaning Services

Emergency Cleaning

Fire, smoke, flood, vandalism, or any other emergency in your business can be stressful and can even make you lose your money if not handled with speed and professionalism, so when an emergency happens you have to take these things into consideration while choosing your emergency cleaning company.


Maintain Flooring in High-Traffic Areas

Floor Cleaning

If you have a high-traffic area in your office you’ve seen the damage your floors get, slowly but surely you’ll get a new scratch here and there, maybe even stains or scuffs.  We know you want to keep your business looking the best it can so we have some tips for you, don’t worry we are experts so you can bet these tips are solid.


Why Choose NHOS as Your Commercial Cleaning Company?

NHOS at Your Service

We, as building maintenance contractors know the pros and cons of commercial cleaning, therefore we know that the service is best done as an outsourced job because in-house cleaning will be wasteful to your budget, especially because of the required equipment to clean and do a thorough job without time constraints or getting coverage when the in-house staff calls out sick.


Prepare your Office for a Post-Coronavirus Return

In this first wave of re-opening, that being 50% of employees at a time, the priority should be changing (if possible) the office furniture to provide more distance between employees, to comply with social distancing protocols. Employees’ desks should be six feet apart from each other and visual cues should be enforced as well to keep the distance rule in mind. One-way traffic can be applied to avoid unnecessary contact with others.


Advantages of Having a Clean Office

Keeping an office clean is very important as it helps in running things smoothly, although it is not as apparent as other things, only when it gets out of control. But a clean office keeps your employees happy, healthy, and productive and improves mood and motivation.


#1 Choice for Disinfection Services in New York

Disinfection Services NY

At North Hills Office Services, the safety and well-being of our employees and clients are our top priority.  We recognize the important role we play in providing our clients with janitorial and facility maintenance solutions during this critical time. We are actively monitoring the COVID-19/Coronavirus situation and will continue to follow CDC guidelines.


Coronavirus Prevention Tips For Your Office

With the coronavirus still continuing to spread across the world, we’ve put together a handy guide on best practices companies and human resources departments should follow to help their employees stay healthy and infection-free.


5 Ways to Keep the Flu Out of Your Office or Facility

Keep Flu Out

The common cold and influenza are among the largest contributors to employee absenteeism, loss of productivity, and employee morale issues. Fortunately, mitigating the effects of the season is possible with the right health and hygiene practices and a little help from your commercial cleaning company.


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North Hills Office Services has one goal, to form a partnership with its clients and become part of their team in the area of janitorial and facility maintenance.

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