Emergency Cleaning Services

Emergency Cleaning

Fire, smoke, flood, vandalism, or any other emergency in your business can be stressful and can even make you lose your money if not handled with speed and professionalism, so when an emergency happens you have to take these things into consideration while choosing your emergency cleaning company.

Fast Response

We understand that when an emergency occurs you need it gone as fast as possible, and you need a company that can help you, from the first time you contact them until the emergency is solved in a promptly and simple manner. By the first call, you make you will notice the efficiency of a company by who answered your phone call, a bot? a person? were you transferred and left waiting or was it simple and direct? you expect a quick response to your emergency before it gets even worse, and most probably, be on site within a couple of hours from your call, we know you can lose money if the response is slow, we understand you need a company that cares and knows your urgency to get back to normal.

Keeping it Private

Our highly trained staff knows how to handle sensitive information if the emergency situation requires it, as well as clean hazardous materials or secure facilities. We can protect your clients and your information.

Skilled Employees

Our emergency services are available 24 hours / 7 days a week for your convenience. Our team of skilled janitors is ready to clean your property providing prompt attention to bring the losses down to a minimum always following the safety protocols and standards.


We have over 50 years of experience and take pride in our job. If you need emergency cleaning services, contact North Hills Office Services at (516) 364-2800 in an emergency situation.


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North Hills Office Services has one goal, to form a partnership with its clients and become part of their team in the area of janitorial and facility maintenance.

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