Why is restoring your acoustical ceiling better than replacing it.

Acoustic ceilings have great advantages for any building, but what do you do when your acoustic ceiling is damaged? Is replacement always the best option?  When it comes to dealing with aged/discolored acoustical ceilings, the answer may surprise you.

Winter Maintenance Tips for Your Building

From snow to cold temperatures, many of nature’s winter realities can create problems for commercial buildings. Here are some tips to help facility staff prepare for the changes that winter brings and ensure buildings are prepared.

3 Way to Make Your Office Carpet Last Longer

First impressions are always important in a business, and a well maintained environment is where it all starts. We know how much of an investment your office carpet represents. Today we give you 3 great ways to make your office carpet last longer. 1. Vacuum Regularly vacuuming your carpet is the single most important factor …

How Does a Clean Office Boost Productivity?

There is a school of thought that a cluttered, paper-stewn desk hints at a person who is constantly hard at work, but usually it is cleaner offices that are more productive. Being organized and maintaining a clean working space is very helpful in getting your best work done. Lets see some statistics. The average employee …

3 Reasons Why Cleaning your Warehouse is Important

Warehouses can become one of the messiest places in a business if they’re not regularly and properly maintained. The amount of supplies, tools and other type of equipment and machinery can turn this space into a hazardous place for everyone entering your facility. It’s an especially difficult task to begin if your warehouse happens to …

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Complete Building Maintenance Services in New York

At North Hills Office Services Inc. we offer a full array of building maintenance services in the New York Metropolitan area. Our goal is to  keep your facilities in top shape at the lowest possible cost. Our comprehensive maintenance contracts will save you money  keeping your property in top shape. Our professional team offers complete …

Building Maintenance in all NY areas

Proudly Serving the New York Metropolitan Area

Did you know that at North Hills Office Services we serve all of the New York Metropolitan area? We can help with your building maintenance needs in all NY areas including: Long Island, Manhattan, Queens, Westchester, Brooklyn and New Jersey (North New Jersey to Morristown) We are just a phone call away and logistically ready …

How to Choose The Best Flooring For Your Business

Choosing the right type of flooring for your business requires some research before taking a final decision, and oftentimes it’s more complicated than it looks.

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We Know How to Handle Your Specialty Flooring Cleaning

Not properly maintaining your floors can make them more susceptible to everyday wear and tear, especially in a busy commercial facility. With our cleaning service for specialty flooring you not only make sure your floor will be looking great but also ensure it will last longer while keeping the safety features its surface was designed …

Professional Building Maintenance Services | North Hills Office Services, Inc.

Quality Assurance For Top Quality Performance

At North Hills Office Service, we care about providing top quality building maintenance services. Our priority is making sure that the necessary equipment and manpower are on the job site, on time, every time in order to help you keep your facilities in top shape. We treat your facility as if it were our own …